How To Cut Churidar Pajama

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Churidar Pajama

Churidar Pajama

Wearing Churdidar Pajama of new style is the trend of Pakistani & Indian girls and women. Versatile churidar Pajama style is worn by both men and women in Asia. The art of making Pajama-style is very simple. However, it can be wear with long pants and medium tunics.

Churidar Pajama is available in different style but ideal fabric for these garments are silk, rayon, cotton. Using above stuff can be helped for sewing. Below is the method of how to cut a churidar pajama with few steps.

1. First thing is first, measure your chest, hip or waist to rest assured very thing is going fine.
Suggestion: If you feel difficult get some help with expert friend.

2. Buy the fabric from the market and take a sketch from market where it will mention how much fabric need for Churidar Pajama.

3. After buying fabric go to home and take a rest. In free time take a chalk or pencil and draw the style of Pajama on it and start cutting.
Suggestion: Take some help from friend or buy a copy of cutting cloth.

4. After cutting the fabric, wrap the cloth around your body and pin it up. By doing this you can know that about exact fitting of Churidar Pajama. Re-pin again and again until you satisfy.

5. After step 4 start swing it.
Suggestion: If you are master of sowing you don’t need to take help otherwise buy book of stitching.

Note: All above method are compulsory for making right Churidar Pajama.

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Why are you making Churidar Pajama at home even these are available in the market at reasonable prices?

Please post your answer in the comment area below.


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