Is Pakidesign free site to use?

Yes absolutely free.

Can i post on Pakidesign?

At this time we have stop posting by individuals because of spamming.

Are you from Pakistan?


How do you collect data?

We collect data from different photographers and magazines and write articles for you by professionals.

Do you sell clothes online?

Yes we sell clothes online here Rasheeda Begum

How may i contact you?

You may contact us via online form or you may call me at +92-307-7323380 or my skype id is shakeelshahzad

Can i register at Pakidesign.com?

Yes click here to register now

I love this site can i post feedback?

Yes click here for feedback

These contents are mine and i want to send removal request how can i contact you?

Click here if you have content issue.